Bright day

The most exciting thing that happened today — and this is no exaggeration — is that I had one of the fluorescent bulbs above my cubicle replaced. It was out all of last week, but I figured, hey, that was “Green Week” at the office, so I’ll do my part. Plus, a new bulb makes things suddenly very bright, both for me and the surrounding three cubicles. But this week, I decided enough was enough, I do actually need to be able to see. Changing out the old bulb took a little over an hour, since the fixture wouldn’t shut properly for our mailroom guy and he had to call building maintenance to come take a look. That guy got it closed, but hopefully it won’t swing back open and hit me in the head one of these days. And hopefully the bulb won’t need to be replaced again between now and our office move in the winter or spring.

That this was the most exciting thing that happened today should tell you all you need to know about this Monday.

2 thoughts on “Bright day

  1. The most excitement we had was…hmm, let me think. Well, there was a small kerfuffle about a transcript that had no name on it. Not really a full-fledged kerfuffle. More of a half-fuffle.

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