I had to go into the office today, because tomorrow I’m heading to Texas for work.

I don’t know that I’m looking forward to it, exactly, and I’m likely to be very busy, traveling to and from campuses, talking with instructors and whatnot.

I’ll be there for the rest of the week, returning Saturday.

Random 10 10-17-14

Last week. This week:

  1. The words she knows, the tune she hums
  2. I don’t take cues from horoscope hounds
  3. I won’t stop till I feel my lungs stop breathing
  4. Prepare a list for what you need
  5. And no one wants a tune about the 100th luftballoon
  6. But she don’t give a damn for me
  7. I won’t kiss you now but I will once you’re gone
  8. She can rock you in the nighttime till your skin turns red
  9. And the ladies treat me kindly and furnish me with tape
  10. I’ve got a little black book with my poems in

So it goes. Good luck!


I amused myself earlier today:

Other than that, the day was pretty much uneventful. I had a lousier than expected morning commute, when the subway station at Hunterspoint Avenue just wasn’t running at all, and I followed a mass exodus a few blocks to catch the E train. (That gets me in relatively close to the office, but a few blocks more, again, than my regular commute into Grand Central.) Then the evening commute was mildly awful again, when a bunch of trains (including mine) were canceled and combined with others. The train was packed, up and down the aisles, but I read my book and was only about ten minutes later than I usually am. Would that I could only say that I’d never had worse commutes.

So it’s Sunday

I’m a little more adjusted to being back from Canada, I guess, although no less nostalgic for my time there and kind of wishing I could go back. I’d like to, at some point, and hopefully it won’t take another three years like it did last time, but for now I’m sort of getting the hang again of being in New York.

Of course, I’ll be traveling to Texas in a couple of weeks for work. I’ve booked my plane tickets and rental car and everything.

It’s taken me a little while to get back into the swing of things, writing-wise, to recapture whatever momentum I was hopefully learning to build (if some days not actively building) in Banff. Part of that was my writing group getting canceled last weekend, and part of that was just the weirdness of returning after two weeks. But I’m back on the horse, and if not writing a lot yet, at least writing, and moreover finishing things.

I finished a story this evening, a flash piece I think I still need to trim about a hundred words from before sending it out. Meanwhile, I’ve got a couple of other stories — one written before, then other at, Banff — out for consideration elsewhere. The waiting to hear isn’t fun, nor are the rejection letters, but those rare moments when a story actually clicks, then falls together? That’s worth it.

My writing group wasn’t canceled this week, and I actually like what I wrote there too, but I think I’ve decided to stop posting those works in progress here. Partly because they sometimes do become actual works in progress, something I might want to expand and adapt and, eventually, submit. I don’t know that a short selection from a rough first draft posted here precludes me from doing so, or that it could reasonably be considered a reprint — which most places won’t buy — but I think I’ve decided to stop taking that risk.

Hopefully that will just give me added incentive to finish stories and sell them if I want anybody but my writing group to see what I’m working on.

Random 10 10-10-14

Last week. This week:

  1. “Slow Show” by the National
    I made a mistake in my life today
  2. “All That I’m Good For” by Hem
    I got shadows snapping at my tail
  3. “Good Girls Don’t” by the Knack, guessed by Occupant
    And her parents won’t be coming home til late
  4. “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This” by Eugene Edwards
    Washington detectives have their theories
  5. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Hellsongs (orig. Twisted Sister), guessed by Occupant
    If that’s your best, your best won’t do
  6. “Drummer” by Coconut Records
    You’ve been changing all the time
  7. “Have You Forgotten” by Red House Painters
    We listened low to Casey Kasem’s radio show
  8. “New World” by Leroy
    Will our children ever get to play out in the yard?
  9. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2, guessed by Clayton
    How long must we sing this song?
  10. “The Bug” by Mary Chapin Carpenter (orig. Dire Straits), guessed by Clayton
    Sometimes you’re the Louisville Slugger

Guess the lyric, win no prize! Good luck!