Monday various

3 thoughts on “Monday various

  1. I just went to I Write Like, and I got:

    Great job! Do you want to write better?
    Stephen King’s On Writing is a must-read!

    With a link to’s page for that book.

    So, not a scam, just targeted advertising.

    • It had been targeted advertising to what’s effectively a self-publishing scam*, but they’ve since changed the link to Stephen King’s (rather good, actually) book. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and they have made that change, so “scam” might have been putting it a little too harshly.

      Its results are still pretty useless, though.

      * This is not necessarily an oxymoron, but if you self-publish, you almost always also self-edit, self-market, and self-promote and often get a lot less than what you pay for.

  2. I loved that ‘study like a scholar, scholar’ bit, and I’m pretty sure I saw one of my bosses watching it this morning before work started. I wish there was a t-shirt for it…it’s pretty darn awesome.

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