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  1. Redesign the TARDIS? Nooooooooo!!!! Then I read the link. Oh, just the inside. That’s okay, then. I wasn’t too keen on the recent version. I’m not familiar with the earlier versions, as my older brother was the fan back then, but I do recall that Tom Baker’s insides seemed kind of dark. (Maybe Betty can help me out with pictures.) As long as it’s bigger on the inside, it’ll be all right.

    Incidentally (regarding the picture in the link), would someone please tell the BBC that the stylish, glamorous vampire look is over already (or at least that a few of the show’s fans are not teenage girls)?

  2. Captain C: I find it immensely entertaining, and rather heart-warming, that you’re such a newbie at this, and yet already such a purist about things like the TARDIS’ police box design. 🙂

    The interior has changed many times over the years. The “dark” one that you’re thinking of from the Tom Baker years may be this one, although it was used only briefly.

    And I’m afraid the “glamorous vampire look” hasn’t really been unpopular at least since the debut of Anne Rice. (I’m not thrilled with Matt Smith’s publicity photos, myself. But I felt the same way about Eccleston’s and look how that turned out. :))

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