Wednesday various

  • I am shocked — shocked! — to learn that Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus actually might not be very good.
  • Mark Sheppard — who you may remember from guest spots on Firefly or Battlestar Galacticaproves his serious geek cred. [via]
  • Meanwhile, John Stamos — who at this point I think would be happy if you remembered him from anything — was, I’m sure, either kidding or misquoted, if the whole story isn’t just a lie. One thing the world does not need is a remake of Full House. (Nor any of the several dozen other remakes Hollywood has in the pipeline, most likely.)
  • What it does need, however, are new Futurama episodes. I say that, of course, having never seen the last few seasons of its original run, or even the string of direct-to-DVD movies. (I own a copy of The Beast with a Billion Backs, but I hear very bad things about almost all of them.) Maybe this will give me an excuse to finally get caught up.
  • And finally, you had me at Monkey Island. [via]

4 thoughts on “Wednesday various

  1. I’m really looking forward to playing the newly redrawn Monkey Island. Meanwhile, Ron Gilbert, who created the original game, plays it again, lo these many years later. It’s an honest appraisal, interesting and informative, and filled with nostalgia for the game all over again.

    And I’ve had The Beast with a Billion Backs since Christmas and still haven’t watched it. I think I’m going to try to get caught up — maybe even by re-watching — the episodes first.

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