Wednesday various

  • Artistically minded? A fan of science fiction? Why not, then, design the new Hugo Award logo? The deadline is May 31.
  • There’s been a lot of talk recently about Dollhouse‘s chances for renewal. (It’s still by no means a perfect show, but I think I’d actually miss it now if it was gone.) But cast member Tahmoh Penikett obviously isn’t taking any chances of being out of work.
  • xkcd: Doing the math on ridiculous (but sort of sweet) ideas so you don’t have to.
  • I don’t know if you’ve heard the sad news about comics writer Len Wein, but it really is tragic. Basically, Wein (co-creator of such iconic characters as Swamp Thing and Wolverine) and his wife were burned out of house and home. Their beloved dog, Sheba, was also killed in the fire. (I think that’s the part that really gets to me — in no small part because I read the news the same day I stumbled across this old post about our old dog, Duncan, who thankfully died a relatively much more peaceful death.) The outpouring of condolences and support has been great to see.
  • Maybe the Weins (or you) could move into Robert Heinlein’s old house. It is on the market.
  • And rather than end on a down note, here (via Gerry Canavan), here’s “Kill Bill in One Minute and One Take”: