Feeling slightly meme-ish

Via Glen and Thud comes this odd little musical meme:

Using ONLY SONG TITLES from ONE artist, and cleverly answer these questions below. Make sure you send a copy to me when you respond. Do not use the same artist as I did or duplicate song titles.

All of these songs are by the Beatles.

Are you a male or female: Nowhere Man
Describe yourself: Mother Nature’s Son
How do you feel about yourself? I’m So Tired
Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: For No One
Describe your current boy/girl situation: Got to Get You Into My Life
Describe your current location: The Fool on the Hill
Describe where you want to be: Here, There, and Everywhere
Your best friend: With a Little Help From My Friends
Your favorite color is: Yer Blues [I don’t think they ever recorded a song with “Green” in the title]
You know that: Tomorrow Never Knows
What’s the weather like? Getting Better
If your life was a television show what would it be called? The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
What is life to you? We Can Work it Out
What is the best advice you have to give? Let it Be
If you could change your name what would it be? Rocky Raccoon