Random 10 10-31-14

Last week…or rather, two weeks ago. This week:

  1. “Wild Is the Wind” by Nina Simone
    I hear the sound of mandolins
  2. “Paperbacks With Paragraphs Underlined” by Woodpecker!
    Sex and death have always been two kissing cousins
  3. “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp
    Don’t want it Baudelaire, just glitter lust
  4. “Numb Bears” by Of Monsters and Men
    Breaking little twigs with my feet
  5. “Lover to Lover” by Florence + the Machine
    I’ve been setting myself up for the fall
  6. “Paperback Writer” by the Beatles, guessed by Clayton
    It’s based on a novel by a man named Lear
  7. “Song to Bobby” by Cat Power
    You sang the song that I was screaming
  8. “Bad Boyfriend” by Garbage
    If you can’t love me, honey, go on just pretend
  9. “Camouflage” by Tim Fite
    And if you really wanna pop, put this new shit on
  10. “Walk Us Uptown” by Elvis Costello
    Some scoop gold from the dirt in the gutter

Good luck!

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