So apparently there won’t be a Long Island Railroad strike next week after all. The governor has stepped in and forced the two sides, the MTA and the union — neither of which I’m especially sympathetic to — to reach a settlement. I don’t know that this qualifies as the eleventh hour, but it’s easily the ninth and some change. And while there might have been some fun in having an excuse to work from home even more, I’m really glad the strike has been averted.

I didn’t know it had been averted until I got home this evening, since I spent nearly all of my day in a training session on how to improve presentation skills. It went surprisingly well, given how little I enjoy public speaking and actually giving presentations — both of which I had to do at the session — and I think as near as it’s possible to enjoy that sort of thing, I did. And hey, they bought us lunch.

This evening, I’m just sort of decompressing. I’ve been writing some this week, and I poked a little at the story again tonight, but I’m mostly just taking it easy. It was a surprisingly non-stressful day — well, not horribly stressful or anything — but it was all surprisingly tiring.

Oh, but that sink up above got fixed, so that’s good too.

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