Tuesday various

  • Five Philippines inmates escape while guard plays Plants vs. Zombies. In his defense, it is a very addictive game. (I just downloaded it again on my iPad.) [via]
  • Children’s Pop-Up Books Flop as Learning Tool:

    Those exposed to the book with the photographic images were able to correctly identify their bird nearly 80 percent of the time. Those who saw the book with the drawings did so around 70 percent of the time. But those who were entertained by the pop-ups did so only 50 percent of the time — no better than chance. [via]

  • I’ve only read the first of Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently books, and I wasn’t exactly wowed by it, but I do know there are fans who love the novels, maybe even more than his more famous Hitchhiker’s Guide books. And I’ll admit, the idea of a television series is quite intriguing. [via]
  • Three words: Alien Pez dispenser. “They’re coming outta the walls! They’re coming outta the goddamn walls!” [via]
  • And finally, hispter dinosaurs [via]