Still with the ouch

I’m getting a spinal steroid injection for my herniated disc — likely the first of two such injections — next Tuesday afternoon.

Which means that, between now and then, I’m not supposed to take any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication — like the Aleve that I sometimes think is the only thing getting me through my mornings. It doesn’t get rid of the pain, but it does take some of the edge off. I’ve been taking two twice a day for many weeks now.

Physical therapy seems to be helping a little bit. I’ve definitely felt better after each of the three sessions I’ve had, and I plan to keep going. But I’m still in considerable discomfort throughout the rest of the day — especially when I’m sitting, which is unfortunately close to the sum total of my job. Getting up every fifteen or twenty minutes to walk around or stretch isn’t impossible, but I’d be lying if I said this didn’t have me concerned about my travel plans at the end of August. It may also factor into why I haven’t actually yet made those plans. (Even the thought of sitting through a movie this weekend has me a little worried.)

I really want to avoid surgery. PT is helping to treat the root of the problem. Hopefully the injections will help treat the symptom.