I didn’t finish everything I wanted to get done today, but the couple of things I was a little worried about going into it went well. Or at least better than expected. And, plus, there were donuts.

The donuts were for a coworker who’s getting married this weekend, and whose last day — unrelated to the wedding; she got another job — was today. So I guess they were bittersweet donuts.

I didn’t know her very well, as we’d only been working for the same group since I moved across the office in April. It’s been kind of a weird year at the office for me. The group I used to work for has changed pretty dramatically, and I rarely even see the people I used to hang around with (at the office, at least). It’s not super-awkward, and if it is, it’s maybe more in my head, my natural proclivity towards awkwardness and difficulty making friends. But I sometimes can’t help but wonder, lately, about what’s been lost.

Still, everything changes, and I do like the group I work for now, and the work I’m doing. (Well, y’know, overall, and within reason.) But, I dunno. It’s autumn, when thoughts almost naturally turn a little melancholic.

Did I mention there were donuts? So it’s all good.