Happy Independence Day

Tonight the fireworks (or at least noise-making, pop-pop-pop explosions) are flying fast and furious outside, but otherwise today was just an ordinary day. It’s a little weird to have a day off in the middle of the week, and it’s hard not feel like the day ought to be given over to quiet reflection of what it means to be American, or the history that’s led us here, or something like that. I mean, if you’re not dressing up like Ben Franklin or another founding father, you’re obviously doing something wrong, right? But I spent the day pretty much just like I did yesterday, only Kaleidotrope submissions and a couple episodes of Would I Lie to You? instead of work.

That’s right. Today, on our nation’s birthday, the date that two hundred and thirty-six years ago we declared our independence from Great Britain, I spent watching a British panel game show.

You have to understand, though, I kind of love Would I Lie to You?

Anyway, no great plans for the evening either. We did a little barbecuing, but just because, well, it’s like a thousand degrees outside and who wants to light the oven in that?

Happy July 4th!

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