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  1. Zombies are kind of fascinating to me, because everybody seems to want to analyze them as a symbol, and they always seem to symbolize something subtly different. (For me, they’ve always seemed to be a symbol of the terrifying inevitability of death. You can run, you can fight, but there’s always a corpse in your future, and it may be shambling towards you slowly, but it never, ever stops. That’s why I find them genuinely scary. It’s also why it’s a relief to be able to laugh at them when they’re cheesy.)

    And I may have to check out After the Apocalypse. It sounds up my alley, and I really ought to read some McHugh sometime.

    • I have a copy, but I’ve read McHugh’s latest collection beyond the first story, “The Naturalist” — which is, in fact, an apocalyptic zombie story. (You can read it here at Subterranean, where it was originally published.) I was a big fan of her first collection, Mothers & Other Monsters, and I’ve really enjoyed the three of her four novels that I’ve read.

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