A paid non-holiday

For some you, today was Columbus Day. For some, it was Thanksgiving. For me, it was pretty much just a regular Monday.

They upgraded me to Windows 7 at work, which is a weird coincidence given that I’d only just seen it for the first time this Saturday when my parents’ new computer arrived. I think I can give it a resounding “Ehh, I guess it’s okay.” I’m less annoyed by some the cosmetic changes than by the things, like my internet bookmarks, that were lost in the transition.

At least I got my Portal 2 password working again.

The trains home…well, not so much. More “signal problems” delayed my train about forty minutes. Considering that I pay a little over $250 a month for a monthly ticket, and these sorts of problems are happening quite often, with little indication that the Long Island Railroad is prepared to do anything but slap a Band-Aid on after the fact, it’s quite aggravating. At least the train was reasonably uncrowded this evening.

You know, with all the people for whom today was a holiday.