That’s one way of putting it (round-up edition)

Nathan Rabin on Father’s Day:

[Ivan] Reitman without Bill Murray is like Superman at a Kryptonite convention: His powers are useless and the results (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Evolution, Legal Eagles) often dire.

The AV Club on the Netflix price hikes:

It’s sort of like the movie Sophie’s Choice, which you won’t be able to watch if you pick the streaming-only plan.

Keith Phipps on Larry Crowne:

To be any flimsier, Larry Crowne would have to be projected on Kleenex.

John Scalzi on the continually changing (or not) face of the Internet:

Knowing that Angelfire and Lycos still exist in some form is like hearing that somewhere out there Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow are still putting on new “episodes” of Friends for anniversary parties and bar mitzvahs.

Roger Ebert on Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

I have a quaint notion that one of the purposes of editing is to make it clear why one shot follows another, or why several shots occur in the order that they do.

Jessa Crispin on X-Men: First Class:

Me: “Why are there only white people in this movie?”
Friend: “The white people are metaphors for black people.”

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  1. Aw, I still have my Angelfire website. Mostly due to laziness as opposed to any real sense of loyalty or frugality.

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