I need unique New York

Not much to say about today. A hot Thursday. I bought some groceries. I read a little. That kind of day.

I’m afraid I couldn’t help but glance at my work e-mail, however. Our office is apparently having a contest for New York-themed photographs, to hang on the walls. I’m thinking maybe about submitting this one. Or this one. Or maybe even this one. What do you think? Do I have a shot at that gift card prize?

5 thoughts on “I need unique New York

  1. I am, if it wasn’t clear, joking about all three photos. The middle one isn’t even in New York, just part of a casino/theme park in Las Vegas. I do have some photos, possibly including some from my visits to the High Line, that I’m considering, though.

  2. Well, I would call that Vegas picture “New York-themed” even if it wasn’t take in New York.

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