Tuesday various

  • I’ll bet Chelsea Clinton didn’t have wedding invites this adorably geeky. [via]
  • Oh my god! The triceratops may never have existed! That’s so–oh, wait, it might have been the younger form of another dinosaur that looks almost identical except for some cranial features? And, if it is the case that they’re one and the same, palaeontologists will just rename them both triceratops? Wow, what seemed like a stunning revelation is curiously a non-story by paragraph’s end.
  • Syfy Announces Development Slate of 7 New Scripted Projects. Only eighteen of them are Battlestar Galactica or Stargate spinoffs. [via] [Related: Cracked on the Syfy Channel.]
  • I think what I find most interesting and amusing about this whole recent Neil Gaiman/Todd McFarlane thing is that the judge’s decision is ultimately an argument over comics continuity.
  • And finally, as someone who, as part of his day job, spends a great deal of time hunting down potential authors and reviewers at universities, can I just say how right xkcd is?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday various

    • Looks like. Maybe they tried to get that made and Campbell was just too busy with Burn Notice. (There’s even rumors of a spinoff movie detailing his character’s past.) Generally, I like Kevin Sorbo well enough, so this could still have its own kind of goofy charm.

      There’s been a lot of talk recently about Syfy’s new projects in development, and whether they’re really all that original. Personally, I’m just cringing a little at the idea of a Robin Hood in space or “National Treasure meets Firefly.”

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