Summer in the city

My father had a doctor’s appointment this evening, so my mother and I picked him up afterward, and then the three of us went to our neighbor’s wake. I didn’t know too many of the people there, beyond recognizing his sons and other family who’d been visiting lately, but it was lovely to see the large turnout, including many of his fellow veterans. After we’d paid our respects, we grabbed a bite to eat at the nearby Azerbaijani restaurant we’ve ordered from often but never actually eaten in.

And that’s about all the excitement I had today. Mostly it was just back to work and skipping a whole bunch of not mandatory (and probably not useful for me) sales meetings.

I am reassured that, though today felt a whole lot like Monday, it was actually Tuesday, and the week is almost half over. At least, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself until the second half is done with, too.

Though, if this awful heat keeps up — hottest day in NYC since August of 2001, apparently, well around 100°F all day — that could be tougher than advertised.