My March mix

Only about half as many as last month, but here’s what March sounded like for me, more or less:

  1. “Middle Cyclone” by Neko Case
  2. “I’m Goin’ Down” by Florence and the Machine (feat. Kid Harpoon)
  3. “Ballad for Old Decorations” by Claire Cronin
  4. “Walk Like and Egyptian” by the Puppini Sisters
  5. “Elephant Gun” by Beirut
  6. “Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin” by Deer Tick
  7. “You’ll Disappear” by the Phenomenal Handclap Band
  8. “Bag of Hammers” by Thao
  9. “Dreamer” by K’naan
  10. “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James
  11. “Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel” by Townes Van Zandt
  12. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)” by Leila Broussard
  13. “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire

As always, I’m open to trades.