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On Saturday, I watched the original Dawn of the Dead. I’d rented it once before, years back, but for some reason never actually watched it. I’m very familiar with, but have never actually watched any of George Romero’s zombie movies before this.

It’s a really interesting movie — although, as Romero himself acknowledges on the DVD commentary, not a particularly frightening one. There’s more dark humor and social commentary than there are real scares. That’s not to detract from the film; those are precisely the things that have made it such an enduring classic, and arguably the quintessential film of the genre.

I definitely intend to watch Romero’s other zombie films. Although purists may be dismayed to learn that I’m also interested in seeing the 2004 Dawn remake.

One thought on “Zombifried

  1. I watched the old b&w when I was a kid, and it scared me silly. It probably didn’t help that I was watching it in the basement. The ’04 remake was good, and the director’s commentary is pretty funny. Turn it on when the scene of Sarah Polley crying is on – their jokes are great.

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