Rejection slips

I wonder if it’s coincidence that just as I’m getting way too involved in these two posts about editors who behave “badly” and publicly air their correspondence with troublesome writers, that the only writer whom I’ve ever had serious trouble with — and who at this point is effectively banned from submitting again to Kaleidotrope — that writer gets in touch.

But I won’t actually mention that writer by name, nor repost the content of the comments that led to the ban. It’s just not something I feel comfortable doing — even if, after wading through the comments at the above two links, I’m still not convinced the behavior is always unjustified.

I will just say this: don’t argue with a rejection letter. Just don’t. Even if you’re convinced the editor in question is an idiot or worse, and that’s the only reason your story has been rejected. Because you know, even if you’re right, that’s not an argument you’re likely to win. Your story will stay rejected, and your chance of being accepted with another will all but vanish.