Kaleidotroping along

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I’m starting to get some feedback on the most recent issue of Kaleidotrope, and I think contributor Bill Ward’s comments might be my favorite so far:

I’ve just read through my contributor’s copy of the fourth issue of Kaleidotrope and the magazine continues to impress. There’s a healthy dose of surreal scifi and cross-genre slipstream shorts between the covers, and a variety of poetry and prose poems. But it’s the quirky humor of Fred Coppersmith that really comes through in his magazine and makes it different than a lot of other small press cross-genre ‘zines, which take themselves far too seriously. Kaleidotrope, with its eclectic stories and articles (the standout here is a history of the ‘fembot’ in popular culture) and weird little vignettes like faux horoscopes and ironic photography, is a magazine that isn’t scared to have some fun.

Bill’s fun short story, “The Three Wishes of Miles Vander,” appears in the issue, on sale now.

2 thoughts on “Kaleidotroping along

  1. I’m still wending my way through my copy, but so far I’ve quite enjoyed “Paradise,” “Praise For What I Don’t Know” and “Word Count: Negative 1” (which is a real mindfuck).

    But my favorite has to be “My Cthulhu Story.” Is that part of an ongoing series? This needs to be a web comic.

  2. Cool!

    By the way, my copies were waiting in my mailbox when I got back from Australia, so thanks! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to read through it once I get out from under this insane trip-induced backlog of, well, everything.

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