Random 10 11-7-14

Here again, like a broken (but not unpleasantly skipping) record. Last week. This week:

  1. “A Talk With George” by Jonathan Coulton
    Don’t live another day unless you make it count
  2. “Somedays” by Paul McCartney
    I laugh to think how young we were
  3. “Get Off of My Cloud” by the Rolling Stones, guessed by Occupant
    He says I’ve won five pounds if I have his kind of detergent pack
  4. “Stone Rollin'” by Raphael Saadiq
    It makes an old man throw away his cane
  5. “People Got a Lotta Nerve” by Neko Case
    It took half your leg and both your lungs
  6. “Last Stop: This Town” by Eels
    Can you take me where you’re going if you’re never coming back
  7. “Sometime in the Morning” by the Monkees
    And you’ll realize how much you never knew before
  8. “Sympathique” by Pink Martini
    Je veux seulement l’oublier
  9. “Party in the CIA” by Weird Al Yankovic, guessed by Occupant
    Everyone so cloak and dagger
  10. “The Wind” by Cat Stevens
    I let my music take me where my heart wants to go

As always, good luck guessing the lyrics!

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