Back from Banff

I had a wonderful time in Canada.

I’ve been back in New York since Sunday evening, and I’m still not entirely settled into things just yet. I keep waiting to wake up and discover that I’m still on vacation, still in my comfortably care-worn room in the Banff Centre’s Lloyd Hall. Two weeks was just enough time, I think, for two weeks to feel like not enough time at all. It went by incredibly fast.

I don’t remember my last trip there, in 2011, racing by quite as quickly — although, sure enough, my record of the trip suggests that maybe it did. Certainly, Banff is beautiful country, surrounded by mountains and nestled inside a national park, so leaving it behind is never going to be easy.

Seriously, I took a lot of photographs while I was there. (They do seem to have added themselves to that album sort of randomly, I should perhaps warn you.) You could probably walk around doing almost nothing else. There are parts of Alberta, and certainly the parts of Banff that I saw, that are ridiculously beautiful. As I noted earlier this year when I watched Passchendaele, there are parts of the country that are just achingly beautiful. Two weeks surrounded by mountains did not convince me otherwise.

I got some writing done — one story’s already been rejected once! — took in some great scenery, met some interesting people, saw some elk along the way, and got to hang out some with Heather, who I’m going to say may be my favorite Canadian. (I mean, I met Chris Hadfield once at a book signing, and he seemed nice enough. But let’s see the man brave sitting in this chair.)

I’m really just tempted to point you in the direction of those photos, along with my Twitter feed for the weeks that I was there, rather than try to recap the entire trip here. Let’s just say it was a wonderful time and I am sad not to still be there.

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