I watched Godzilla this weekend. Not the new one, which I thought I might go see after my writing group today, but the original. It was…okay, I guess.

I also watched Assault on Precinct 13 — again not the remake. It, too, was pretty much just okay. Not a classic, but pretty decent, and certainly not my least favorite John Carpenter movie ever. (That would probably be In the Mouth of Madness. Favorite would probably be The Thing or Halloween, but Prince of Darkness has really stuck with me in the months since I’ve seen it.)

My writing group ended up not happening, so I spent the afternoon reading Kaleidotrope submissions. I have a total of eight more stories left to read, then several e-mails (mostly rejections, alas) left to send.

What else? A bird tried to land on my shoulder yesterday in the backyard. That was pretty weird.