The week that it was

April is a cruel-ish month. Remember when winter was a thing that ended?

It snowed on Wednesday, or maybe it was Tuesday night. We woke to find a very light dusting on the front lawn and the cars, and the train station platforms had turned to a thin but nasty sheet of ice. It was an unexpected cold snap that’s lasted all week, never again with the same kind of dramatics, with snow and ice, but it’s been a lot colder than I think any of us expected for mid-to-late April. Last Saturday, I was hanging out in the backyard in short sleeves. This morning I could see my breath and wondering if maybe I hadn’t better get a warmer jacket.

It’s been an okay kind of week otherwise. I’m finally getting accomplished things that were supposed to have been accomplished a month ago at work, so that’s good. There are still at least a couple of very big potential headaches that I’ll need to tackle again next week, but I can’t tell you how much relief I had this week when I finally handed over one of my books to production. So much relief, really, that I hope to repeat the experience again next week.

I know in some parts of the civilized world today — and even Monday — is a holiday. Not so much here, though the trains were maybe a little emptier than usual this evening. (Just a little.) I have no big plans for the Easter weekend, other than to try and enjoy it and hope the weather warms up a little.