Random 10 3-14-14

Last week. This week:

  1. “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield, guessed by Clayton
    Ain’t that the way love’s supposed to be?
  2. “Magillicuddy’s Reeks” by Warren Zevon, guessed by Occupant
    That’s why most girls go belly-up in this economy
  3. “Handle With Care” by Traveling Wilburys, guessed by Clayton
    Been sent up and I’ve been shot down
  4. “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight” by Richard and Linda Thompson
    There’s crazy people running all over town
  5. “Does Your Mother Know” by ABBA, guessed by Clayton
    But I can’t take a chance on a chick like you
  6. “Freak Out” by Tapes ‘N Tapes
    I see you walking, you’re turning blue
  7. “Whatever You Like” by Weird Al Yankovic, guessed by Occupant
    You could be second runner-up Miss Ohio
  8. “Most Wanted” by Cults
    My mother told me, you’ll reap what you sow
  9. “Those to Come” by the Shins
    Waiting in the ether
  10. “Polly” by Nirvana, guessed by Occupant
    She asks me to untie her

I’m a poet and didn’t even know it. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Random 10 3-14-14

  1. 2. “Macgillycuddy’s Reeks” – Warren Zevon
    7. “Whatever You Like” – Weird Al Yankovic
    10. “Polly” – Nirvana

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