All I know is, this seemed like a very quick week.

It was a very busy week, which might account for that. There were at least a couple of mornings when I’d look around the office and realize, with some surprise, that I hadn’t moved from the same spot at my computer for over two hours. I think things will settle down a little after March, even if only because if some of these projects aren’t finished by April there’s almost no point in finishing them at all. (That’s an exaggeration, but no, they really should be finished sooner rather than later.)

Meanwhile…well, there hasn’t been too much of a meanwhile. There was a crew fixing the roof here for the past couple of days, a roof that was leaking again in the dining room after all of that snow, but luckily I wasn’t home for most of the hammering. Honestly, when I look back on the week, it doesn’t even seem possible that that’s what it was. A day, maybe two or three, but a week? Where did all that time go?