Wednesday various

  • It’s as I always suspected: Twilight will kill you.
  • Heaven knows Kaleidotrope contributor Genevieve Valentine isn’t a fan:

    The good news is that if you are seeing a Twilight movie to mock it, you’ll feast every time.

  • The Fab Faux’s live cover of Abbey Road raises a really interesting question: what is the difference between a really great cover band and a classical orchestra? [via]
  • Meanwhile, Janis Ian covers herself (with a few tweaks) for this year’s Nebula Awards. [via]
  • And finally, also meanwhile, all those covers on Glee would probably get the school in a lot of trouble [via]:

    These worlds don’t match. Both Glee and the RIAA can’t be right. It’s hard to imagine glee club coach Will Schuester giving his students a tough speech on how they can’t do mash-ups anymore because of copyright law (but if he did, it might make people rethink the law). Instead, copyright violations are rewarded in Glee — after Sue’s Physical video goes viral, Olivia Newton-John contacts Sue so they can film a new, improved video together.

2 comments to Wednesday various

  • I have to admit that I like the Twilight movies for a Friday night rental…when you’re tired and feeling like something fluffy but can’t handle a Lindsay Lohan flick.

    There’s a time and place for Twilight. Not much of either, but every now and again…

  • Fred

    I’ll admit, I’ve never seen the movies (beyond this gloriously awful scene), nor read the books. But everything I have read and heard about them suggests that a) they’re not particularly good, and b) the message they send young women — along the lines of “save yourself for marriage, but only if it’s to really creepy, manipulative guys outside of whom you should have no discernible qualities” — is questionable at best. It seems like fluff with a side of unsettling.