Thursday various

  • Following up on these 200 creepy stories about Calgary, Meredith has been posting similar stories for Washington, DC. I particularly like #4.
  • Ooh! Ray Bradbury is developing a new television miniseries!
  • This whole Harlequin Horizons “self-publishing imprint” business strikes me as deeply weird. It’s like, “We won’t buy your novel…but here’s how you can pay us to print it!” [via]
  • “[T]here is ‘no freestanding constitutional right not to be framed.'” Uh oh. [via]
  • And finally, a really excellent interview with Cormac McCarthy. [via]:

    Well, I don’t know what of our culture is going to survive, or if we survive. If you look at the Greek plays, they’re really good. And there’s just a handful of them. Well, how good would they be if there were 2,500 of them? But that’s the future looking back at us. Anything you can think of, there’s going to be millions of them. Just the sheer number of things will devalue them. I don’t care whether it’s art, literature, poetry or drama, whatever. The sheer volume of it will wash it out. I mean, if you had thousands of Greek plays to read, would they be that good? I don’t think so.