How did it get to be the end of May already?

Today was more Thursday than any one person can be expected to stand.

As Thursdays go, though, it was actually pretty normal. It’s hard to believe the week is almost over, and with it, soon, these two weeks of just me and the dog. I don’t want to put too fine a point on it or anything, but, from the dog’s point of view, I think these weeks can’t be over too soon. He misses having more people around. And while it may just be that he’s been going progressively gray over the years, I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted several brand new white whiskers just this week alone.

Anyway, ever onward to Friday and — gasp! — June!

Song of the day

“The Bleeding Heart Show” by the New Pornographers

It’s taken magic to a primitive new place

Back to it

Today was just like falling off a log, if you forgot exactly why you were up on this particular log and managed to remind yourself just as you fell off into the chilly but ultimately not so terribly deep waters below. You know, or something like that.

Honestly, it was really just like a Monday, though on a Wednesday, which is the sort of thing that happens every now and then.

And hey, the work week’s already half over. Imagine that!

Song of the day

“American Dream” by Danielle Ate the Sandwich

I like the album version better, but this is still quite pretty.

Back to the daily grind

Well, almost. I worked from home today, what with it being a Tuesday and all, and I didn’t have any trouble easing back into things. (Mostly because a lot of the people I’d hoped would have responded to my e-mails in the time I was out…didn’t.) I don’t really get back into the swing of things until tomorow, when I have to get up and get the train and all that again.

For lunch, for my last day home, I went to my favorite sushi and seafood buffet — actually, the only sushi and seafood buffet I ever go to. I think it’s a great place to explore sushi, which I used to hate, in an unintimidating setting, thanks to all the other more typical Japanese fare like beef teriyaki and shrimp tempura. And the quality is excellent, which is a definite must with raw fish, and you’re able to sample from an extensive collection of rolls and other stuff, constantly being replenished. (I’m a newbie, often content with nothing more adventurous than tuna and avocado, and the nomenclature eludes me.) My meal was excellent, and more than filling, and so even the relatively high price tag — with tip, about $25 — didn’t seem bad at all. Especially when compared to the absolutely awful microwave country-fried chicken with gravy I tried having for dinner. (For shame, Marie Callendar, for shame.)

Anyway, that was my Tuesday, more or less. Sushi (and more) for lunch, working from home…oh, and discovering what looks like a half-made bird’s nest in the tree in the front yard. This is a tree, understand, whose branches are at best six or seven feet above the ground, relatively sparse, and, at the end of the driveway, in an area of considerable foot and vehicle traffic. I found piles of twigs around the base of the tree and couldn’t figure it out — was the tree molting? do trees molt? — until I spotted what looks like a nest, sans bird. I’ll keep an eye on it, but it seems like an exceptonally stupid place for a bid to roost.

Okay, so that’s my Tuesday. Now to bed with me.

Song of the day

“Rebellion (Lies)” by Arcade Fire

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

I go back to work tomorrow, though working from home should ease me back into it, I hope.

Song of the day

“Vincent O’Brien” by M. Ward

Sunny day

Today was the first fully sunny day I think we’ve had all week, since last Sunday actually. We had plenty of sun yesterday, but rain later in the day. I think today, for a change, we maybe didn’t have any rain at all. Inconceivable!

I spent the day as I do most Sundays, struggling through the New York Times crossword puzzle and free-writing with friends. I don’t usually like rebus crosswords — they often feel like a cheat that hurts my brain — and I can’t say I loved this one, but it at least was genuinely sort of clever. I still haven’t actually finished, despite doing a little cheating.

I hesitate to share the free-writing I did, since I don’t think it adds up to much of anything. We were distracted by the air show going on across the parking lot — we meet right near one of Long Island’s airports, and this was going on over the weekend — and I struggled with the prompts. Here’s the non-narrative I cobbled together:

“The real issue, if you want to know the truth,” says Furlough, “is the promiscuity of electrons. Test materials in the lab were exhibiting sporadic and unintentional electron conductivity, which we finally traced back to an unexpected surplus of hydrogen atoms in the surrounding atmosphere. The atoms were the discharge of an earlier experiment, which for reasons not yet determined, had failed to be removed during standard decom procedures, were missed during numerous sensor sweeps prior to the event, and which unfortunately bonded strongly with the zinc oxides Dr. Kendrick and his team were experimenting on. Despite the conductivity and potential dangers it represented, Dr. Kendrick continued on, citing in his log book, which we have since been able to recover, numerous deadlines and previous failures. This is not to suggest that Dr. Kendrick was himself at fault, or that any legal action is recommended; however, there is every indication that his actions, or rather his failure to cease the zinc oxide experimentation, led directly to the aforementioned event, namely the explosive destruction of Lab 17 and all its contents, Dr. Kendrick and his three technical assistants included.”

“Yes,” says Bellman, “that or the WWII airplane we all saw crash into the side of the friggin’ building!”

“Our data on that is still inconclusive. Given that no aircraft was recovered at the site, nor any wreckage beyond the equipment expected and signed out to Lab 17, it is our combined and considered belief that this ‘crash’ was in point of fact a mass hallucination brought about by elements as yet unknown.”

I told you, distracted by aircraft. How often do you see the Blue Angels flying in formation above Wal-Mart?

Anyway, that was my Sunday.

Song of the day

“Eminence Front” by the Who

The sun shines and people forget