Quick question: is there anyone out there reading this weblog through a news aggregator like Bloglines? I ask because that’s the one I use. I don’t subscribe to my own weblog, obviously, but out of curiosity I did decide to check on the feed this afternoon. According to Bloglines, it hasn’t been updated since late July. That’s obviously not the case, as the feed itself clearly shows. I’ve been posting a fair bit recently. (I’ll let you decide on the quality of what I’ve posted.)

Maybe it’s a problem with Bloglines specifically, I don’t know. I just figured I’d ask. So, are you successfully viewing this in a newsreader, or did you once do that but stop because the feed never seemed to update?

Of course, there’s the very real possibility that someone was reading this until the feed stopped working in July and won’t even see this. But then the point’s moot anyway.

The feed for my book log seems fine through Bloglines — and, surprisingly, even shows a subscriber. Go figure.

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