Day three of my nineteen-day weekend

Another dreary, rainy day, although less rainy than yesterday. I even managed to take a walk this afternoon. I spent the rest of the day just puttering around the house, doing some reading and setting up the Christmas tree, which is itself a surprisingly time-consuming endeavor. (Even after getting the box out of the attic, each row of the tree is color-coded and has to be fanned out and added a bough at a time, for something like ten or eleven rows.)

This evening, I watched Octopussy, which turned out to be surprisingly not terrible, especially considering the not so great track record I’ve had with the Roger Moore Bond films. This was one of the few, if only, Bond movies I ever saw in theaters when I was younger…and that six-year-old me is probably still the movie’s ideal audience. But it was significantly better than the often tedious For Your Eyes Only, which is maybe all I can hope for this far along in the series. (Just one more Moore, then Timothy Dalton’s pair of movies. I’m not yet sure I want to revisit Pierce Brosnan’s four.)

And that was whatever this day was. Monday? Sure, let’s go with that.