Tuesday various

  • If you’ve ever wanted to search the entire 137-year archive of Popular Science, well, now you can. [via]
  • I like these re-imagined Stephen King book covers. [via]
  • And this: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1988. [via]
  • Zombie apocalypse survival flowchart [via]
  • And finally, Todd VanDerWerff on why it doesn’t really matter if all the mysteries on Lost don’t add up. Contains spoilers up to last week’s episode:

    I certainly don’t want to tell any of you who are watching this final season and demanding more answers that you’re wrong to watch the show that way. Everyone watches TV for their own reasons. All I can do is tell you why I watch it, and I watch it because I want to see worlds I believe in, no matter how ridiculous, characters I care about, no matter how they end up mired in metaphysical conflicts from beyond our reality. I want to see a man realize that the only thing worth fighting for is the love of a woman he’s never met. I want to see another man who keeps chasing death because he thinks it’s the only way to find purpose. I want to see a doctor slowly realizing that there’s more to the strange events swirling around him in two worlds, a sad musician pull scientific genius out of thin air. The people on “Lost” aren’t real, obviously, but I want to believe they could be, that they’re living in a universe just around the corner. I want to see that smooth cut from Desmond grasping Penny’s hand to his eyes opening back on the Island, the look of joy on his face when it happens, a realization that some things matter more than others. Does it matter to me if the puzzle has its holes? No. Because what’s there is something I desperately want to see.