Work out

It snowed last night, and well into this afternoon, but any hopes that it might lead to a snow day, a day off from work, were dashed pretty quick upon waking up. But it’s okay. The trains were running relatively on time — I think the LIRR officially considers six minutes late or under “on time” — and it wasn’t too difficult getting to work. It wasn’t exactly go-back-to-sleep easy, but at least it was Friday.

I had a training session planned for the second half of the day, one on workload management, but it was canceled. The irony that I was able to use that as an opportunity to actually get some work done is not at all lost on me. The session’s been rescheduled for later this month, and I wonder if that means we’ll get another free lunch out of it. (I’m guessing they’d already paid for the food when they canceled.)

Anyway, that and a lot of work was my Friday.