Getting better all the time

Hopefully you never noticed the spam links my site has been infected with for the past couple of days. Hopefully your browser was never hijacked by the redirects and deposited in distinctly NSFW areas of the web. I’m apparently not alone in the recent hack, but reinstalling WordPress, changing the necessary passwords, and deleting malicious code from one PHP file at a time seems to have done the trick. (If you’re running WordPress yourself, you might want to check your own site; it’s not yet clear if this was a problem confined to my own host, Dreamhost.)

My website is not the only thing slowly getting better. I, too, am on the mend. I went to my doctor this morning for a follow-up, and, aside from a prescription for another chest x-ray in April and a recommendation to take it easy and rest when I need to — “people do still die of pneumonia” — I’m good to go back to work. Next week probably won’t be the least stressful time, given recent (and unexpected) changes and meetings planned all week — even sick, I had an hour-plus meeting I sat in on — but I’m at a point where I want and need to go back, and feel like I’m up to it. I mean, I’ve run out of 30 Rock episodes to watch on Netflix.

Of course, I will make sure I go to bed early on Sunday. I’ve already got Daylight Savings Time working against me.

Random 10 3-9-12

Last week turned out to be more difficult (or better ignored) than usual. Will this week prove the same?

  1. “Escalator of Life” by Robert Hazzard
    Hey, girl, I’m a personal friend of Gloria Vanderbilt
  2. “She’s Always a Woman to Me” by Billy Joel, guessed by Kim
    She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
  3. “Here Comes the Sun” by Joe Brown (orig. the Beatles), guessed by Kim
    It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter
  4. “Brand New Angel” by Jeff Bridges, guessed by Kim
    We heard the whippoorwill
  5. “Old Virginia Block” by Devon Sproule
    I’ve got friends in every other place I’ve played
  6. “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coulton, guessed by Betty
    Even my henchmen think I’m crazy
  7. “Pay it Back” by Elvis Costello
    You’re gonna get more than the family plan
  8. “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie, guessed by Kim
    But the film is a saddening bore
  9. “The Seeker” by the Who, guessed by Kim
    But he couldn’t help me either
  10. “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash, guessed by Kim
    Love is a burning thing

Good luck!